Uranga Kaftan Dress- Melon Yellow

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Uranga Kaftan Dress - Melon Yellow

This beautiful kaftan dress has a one side fitted cut and the other side with a flowy drop. 

It is comfortable and fashionable.  Made from high quality soft chiffon.

This design was inspired during my sitting meditation. During the rising and setting sun, the  light  nurtures our planet earth, the life emerges where ever the light touches. 

The sun rays depicted in the Māori motif radiates all the way to outer space that represents 5 elements : Gold, wood, water, fire and earth. In many ancient cultures, it is believed the 5 elements constitute our universe. 

Therefore, this design represents Nurture and Healing.

Milo Velasco Photography

Justice Hetaraka Modeling

Limited Edition  !!

Sizes available 

S ( 8, 10, 12)

M ( 12, 14,)

L ( 16,18)

XL (20,22)

2XL (24/26/28)

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