Aoraki Poncho Design

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Aoraki Poncho Design

This design was inspired by the Māori tukutuku panels, Tukutuku panels are used to decorate wharenui (Māori meeting houses).

Each pattern symbolizes (stands for) something.  

The kaokao pattern symbolizes the arms of warriors performing a haka. It also symbolizes mountains and the strength and shelter of the meeting house. 

The chevrons of the pattern created the form of the Mt Aoraki, stitches of light blue/teal indicate the snowy mountain reaches all the way to Purapura Whetu stars in the sky.

The repeated chevrons signify the layers of its geological structure. 

Two small triangles on either side of the mountain allude to the southern alps; and in the foreground, 3 triangles represent foothills.

The māngōroa pattern symbolizes the stars, especially the group of stars known as the Milky Way.

There is a traditional story that tells how Māui placed a shark in the night sky to form the Milky Way. (Māngō means shark; roa means long.)

The beautiful Mt Aoraki/ Mt Cook, Aotearoa 

Aoraki/Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand. Its height, as of 2014, is listed as 3724 metres. It lies in the Southern Alps, the mountain range

which runs the length of the South Island.

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